Lord of Life (John 11:1-54)

Sunday, April 15, 2018 •

The event covered today is at the Gospel's midpoint, emphasizing its importance. It is the seventh "sign" and also contains the fifth of Jesus' seven "I AM" statements. Ironically, the religious establishment will conspire Jesus' murder after His miracle of resurrecting life.

The Witness of His Works in the Purpose for His Coming (John 10:22-42)

Sunday, April 08, 2018 •

The Feast of the Dedication is what we today commonly refer to as Hanukkah. Once again, with His words, Jesus affirmed that the Feast pointed to Him as the ultimate dedicated (sanctified) Temple. This event would constitute the end of Jesus' public ministry in John's Gospel.

Who Raised Jesus? (Easter 2018)

Sunday, April 01, 2018 •

The resurrection of Jesus is central to Christianity and indispensable to the meaning of life for man. Resurrection Sunday provides a great opportunity to wrestle with the question concerning the agents responsible in Jesus' bodily resurrection.

Don't Be B-A-A-D; Follow the Good Shepherd (John 10:1-21)

Sunday, March 25, 2018 •

John 10 looks both backwards (at Jesus' miraculous healing of blindness) and forwards (to didactic themes surrounding Hanukkah). In today's passage, we discover two more of Jesus' famous I AM statements, and why we desperately need Jesus as the Shepherd of our souls.

Christ's Cure for Spiritual Blindness (John 9:1-41)

Sunday, March 18, 2018 •

Jesus claimed to be the Light of the world during the Feast of Tabernacles (8:12). Jesus was speaking metaphorically but the implications of His spiritual claim needed to be demonstrated in the physical realm. In today's study, Jesus heals a man born blind.

Who's Your Father? Profession vs. Practice (John 8:31-59)

Sunday, March 11, 2018 •

Jesus is not interested in multiplying numbers of converts if they are not genuine believers, so He challenged those who professed belief in Him as the Messiah. What is the sign of true discipleship?

Radical Claim Divinely Substantiated (John 8:12-30)

Sunday, March 04, 2018 •

Jesus claimed many radical things. His second radical claim at the Feast of Tabernacles coincided with the Light ceremony. But not all accept Jesus' claims. To these skeptics, Jesus provided heavenly substantiation.

Judging Sin and Receiving Forgiveness (John 8:1-11)

Sunday, February 25, 2018 •

For numerous reasons, the story of the adulterous woman brought before Jesus was probably oral tradition that only later found its way into the Gospel. Nevertheless, it is has all the earmarks of historical veracity.

The Contrasting Messages of Jesus and Religion (John 7:32-53)

Sunday, February 18, 2018 •

Jesus claimed to speak words that were (and continue being) spirit and life (6:63). Yet His words are not without controversy. Jesus faced challenges from the religious establishment of His day, a challenge that continues in our world today.

A Response is Demanded (John 7:1-31)

Sunday, February 11, 2018 •

Jesus is the most controversial person who ever lived, a fact even attested by Atheists like H. G. Wells, who said, "I am an historian, I am not a believer, but I must confess as a historian that this penniless preacher from Nazareth is irrevocably the very center of history. Jesus Christ is easily the most dominant figure in all history." A response to Jesus is demanded.

Seeking Truth and Finding trouble (John 6:60-71)

Sunday, February 04, 2018 •

Jesus' feeding miracle was a defining moment for His ministry. It identified Jesus as the long-promised "Prophet like Moses," but Jesus' difficult teaching forced the crowd to make a decision.

Keeping Our Covenant Promises (Psalm 50)

Sunday, December 31, 2017 •

Tomorrow marks the beginning of a New Year and resolution-making is practiced by many. Resolutions are promises. As Believers in covenant relationship with God, we have obligated ourselves to keep certain promises made to God. What are they?

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